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West Virginia Based Lawyers Focusing on Oil and Gas Law, Employment Law, and Personal Injury

Our firm strives to provide practical and personal legal guidance and solutions to clients across a variety of areas, including oil and gas law, employment law, and personal injury.

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Oil and Gas Law, Employment Law, and Personal Injury
Hansberry & Wagoner | Attorneys-at-Law

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At Hansberry & Wagoner, we care about our clients. Whether dealing with a complex oil and gas matter, an employment issue, or a personal injury, we work hard to provide the help our clients deserve.

If you need assistance with an oil and gas dispute, if you were wrongfully terminated or mistreated in connection with your job, or if you were badly injured in an accident that was not your fault, you can call us for a free consultation.

Our experienced attorneys are here to help our clients navigate the complexities of justice. We’re ready to hear from you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because we know life doesn’t wait.

Hansberry & Wagoner | Attorneys-at-Law

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Hansberry & Wagoner | Attorneys-at-Law

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Oil and Gas Law • Employment Law • Personal Injury

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Hansberry & Wagoner | Attorneys-at-Law

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HANSBERRY & WAGONER, PLLC provides a broad range of legal services from its offices located in Bridgeport, WV and Morgantown, WV. If you need assistance, please feel free to call our Bridgeport, WV office at (304) 842-5135 or our Morgantown, WV office at (304) 470-2056.
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Employment Law

Matt Hansberry has been recognized by “The Best Lawyers in America” publication for his work in labor and employment litigation.

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Hansberry & Wagoner | Attorneys-at-Law

Oil & Gas

An Oil and Gas litigation attorney provides comprehensive legal services and representation to clients involved in disputes and legal challenges within the oil and gas sector. 

Eddie Wagoner has in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the industry, including exploration, drilling, production, distribution, and transportation of oil and gas resources. He handles a wide range of cases that fall within the scope of oil and gas litigation. His ultimate objective is to protect clients’ interests, seek fair resolutions, and provide strategic counsel in order to achieve favorable outcomes in this challenging field.

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